Warlords of Crime: Chinese Secret Societies - The New Mafia

Exposė of Triads and the international heroin trade

An investigation into the international heroin trade with a focus on Chinese Triads and their syndicate partners from the opium fields of the Golden Triangle to the Dragon Heads in Hong Kong to the gangs in the largest Chinatowns in New York and San Francisco.

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Powerful, frightening, and, unfortunately, nonfiction
- The New York Times Book Review

Parts the bamboo curtain for an astonishing look inside the most fiendish of Mafias. A riveting and courageous exposė.
- Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times.

This book should be of special concern to America…
- Publishers Weekly

Posner...is persuasive for the facts he gathered, all the more so because his narrative is largely the story of how he got the story, what he was told by the criminals and by law enforcement agents here and abroad and, most persuasive of all, what he saw with his own eyes. He does not dramatize; he doesn't have to. The chilling story he unearthed speaks for itself.
- Chicago Tribune

Grim and ultraviolent.
- Los Angeles Times