Citizen Perot: His Life and Times

Unauthorized biography of billionaire and presidential candidate, Ross Perot

The definitive biography of the Texas billionaire and two-time presidential candidate. Perot cooperated – without any conditions – on this hard-hitting and honest account that was one of the most controversial and discussed books of the 1996 Presidential campaign. Citizen Perot was excerpted for a cover story by Time.

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- Philadelphia Inquirer

- Boston Globe

- New York Daily News

Stunning, even for long-time Perot watchers
- The American Spectator

A good Texas-sized story
- The Star-Ledger (Newark)

- Los Angeles Times

A scrupulous, well-researched biography
- New York Times

If journalism is the first draft of history, then Mr. Posner's book is about draft three or four. It's not the first word on Ross Perot - as his bibliography makes clear - and it certainly won't be the last. But it's hard to imagine trying to understand Mr. Perot without it.
- The Washington Times

Posner, the author of the acclaimed ``Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK,'' has performed another public service. He has sorted through the myth and reality surrounding a man who would be president -- or, more likely and more seriously, a man whose presence in the race could prove a decisive swing factor in this November's election….Impressive.
- The Sunday Oregonian (Portland)

I could hardly open Gerald Posner's book. Once I did, I was intrigued all over again by Perot. Posner writes in a lively fashion and shows the man in all his complexity.
- The Austin American-Statesman

Just the footnotes in Citizen Perot are more intriguing than the best pages of many other biographies.
- The Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk)

"Citizen Perot" has all the virtues of a good campaign book - immediacy, sound reporting and access to its subject.
- The Seattle Times

In addition to clear, lively writing, what sets this book apart is the sheer breadth of Posner's research. He has interviewed scores of Perot's friends, enemies, business colleagues and political connections. Heavy use of quotes from major participants gives the book a real fly-on-the-wall feel. And most information is footnoted so you know its source. This is not a biography cobbled together from old newspaper clippings.
- The Houston Chronicle